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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Latest Crochet Pattern From Hectanooga - Ladies Cardigan

Here's the latest Crochet Pattern available from Hectanooga!
Check it out!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Best Crochet Slippers Ever!

These Crochet Slippers are the most warm, durable and easy to make slippers I have ever seen!  They use 2 strands of worsted weight yarn so they work up super quickly.  And because of the 2 strands of yarn, it means that you can crochet these slippers in 2 colors at once.  Very fun!  It makes you want to make a few pair...or more. Who could you crochet these for on your Christmas list? Anyone with feet!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Adorable Baby Hat Crochet Tutorial

Here's a free crochet tutorial to make the infant size of this sweet cloche baby hat:  Click the video to watch.

The pattern for all sizes of this hat can be found at Carlitto Patterns on Etsy.
Emi has many crochet tutorials on youtube:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crochet Baby Booties - Free Pattern Tutorial

What sweet crochet baby booties!  
This free crochet pattern tutorial will show you how to make these yourself step-by-step!
Emi has many crochet tutorials on youtube:

How to Crochet a Shrug - Summer Shawl - Free!

This shrug is so easy to make that even a beginner can do it!
Follow along as Emi walks you through all of the steps to make this cute shrug / shawl.
Find more great crochet pattern tutorials at Emi's YouTube Channel:
Crochet Playlist #1
Crochet Playlist #2
Learn to Crochet with Emi from Hectanooga!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern - Sundress #2! Adorable

Here is a second free crochet pattern for a sundress, by Emi from Hectanooga.
You can crochet this sweet dress for every little girl you know.  It works up easily and you know that it's easy, because Emi is the one who designed it!
You can find the video tutorial on YouTube and the free pattern download on Raverly
For more great crochet and knitting patterns from Emi, visit one of her shops:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crochet this Sweet Sundress - Free Pattern!

No one knows how to make things more simply than Emi!
Here's a sweet sundress for you to make, from a free pattern, or video tutorial.

This pattern is available as a free download from Ravelry, and also as a YouTube video so you can see every step of how it's made.   Pattern courtesy of Hectanooga Patterns Sweet!

Come back tomorrow for more free crochet patterns!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crochet A Sweet Cowboy Hat and Boots!

Emi is always creating and designing something.
She loves to make is simple to create beautiful projects.
And....they're always fast to make!!

Click here for the Hat Video
And click here for the Cowboy Boots Video
The pattern to make both (and a vest) can be purchased online Here! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wow! Don't these look great!

Imagine never needing to strain your eyes working in dim light again!
Snag some of these for yourself.  Awesome!

Top 5 Crafting Tutorials

The top 5 Crafting Tutorials available in Ashton's FleeceForAll Etsy Instant Download Shop are:
1. Recycle a T-Shirt into a Tank Top or Child's Dress
2. Recycle a Man's shirt into a skirt or sundress or jumper
3. Fleece Slipper Boots
4. Felt or Polar Fleece Bunny
5. Easy Rolled Rose Crochet Pattern

These great tutorials and more available at FleeceForAll!  Save 20% enter coupon code 3CC20 during Etsy checkout.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Instant Downloads Now Available from SweetPotatoPatterns!

Finally the day has come where you don't have to wait for a human being to fill your order from SweetPotatoPatterns Etsy shop!  SweetPotatoPatterns are now available as INSTANT DOWNLOADS!

To celebrate this, Lisa has decided to offer weekly discount specials to her valued customers and has started off today with a 25% savings.  Enter Coupon Code 3CC25 and save 25% on all pattern purchases!   Expired. Check 3CrochetChicks on Facebook for our latest offer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Yarn Tote - aka Birthdays Are Great!

Well it was Lisa's birthday recently, and what better gift for a crochetter than a yarn and project tote?   This tote is everything you want and no bulk!

It's great for storing, organizing, and carrying along your UFOs (unfinished objects)  Great, too, for working multi-colored patterns, as it has multiple yarn holes.  There are zippered compartments on the back and sized and room to tuck a printed pattern.  You can carry your yarn needle, scissors, and any other small notions you'll be needing in these convenient and see through compartments.  The inside is one large compartment, which is super, since it doesn't limit what the sizes of the contents are.... It is super sturdy and has a shoulder strap.
tote crochet perfect knitting yarn

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Goldilocks Hood

Make this adorable hood with ears or without.  

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot Dogs!

Keep your pup toasty in the cool weather with this stylish doggy hat!

Watch this video to learn how!  To create the hat you'll need a 9mm crochet hook and worsted weight yarn.

Thursday, January 3, 2013




1.  Size Newborn to 3 Months:
     Chain 26, double crochet in the 3rd stitch from the hook, and in each stitch of the chain.
2.  *Chain 2 and turn, double crochet in each stitch across the row.  Repeat from * for
     7 more rows, or until the work measures 5 inches.
3.  Reduce for the crotch:  Slip stitch in the first 6 stitches, chain 2, double crochet in the next 11 stitches.  *Chain 2 and   
     turn, double crochet across the row of reduced stitches, repeat from * for 6 more rows.  Fasten off.

Make a separate piece for the opposite side of the diaper cover:
Chain 26, double crochet in the 3rd stitch from the hook, and in each stitch of the chain.
*Chain 2 and turn, double crochet in each stitch across the row, repeat from * for 7 more rows and fasten off.
Attach to the end of the crotch section either by slip stitching to join, or sewing with a yarn needle and yarn.

Sew up the side seams.

Finish up:  Attach yarn in any stitch along one leg opening, chain 1, single crochet evenly around the opening, slip stitch to join and fasten off.  Repeat on the opposite leg opening, and around the waist.

Optional:  Attach a ribbon through any stitch of the waist, tie into a bow.  Or make a bow, and attach it to a hair clip to make it removable.

1.  Attach yarn in either side, on a row of stitches approximately half way between the leg and the waist in 
     the side of a double crochet.  *Chain 1, single crochet in the side of the next double crochet, following the  
     same row of stitches.  Repeat from * around, slip stitch to join.

1.  Chain 2, in each chain 1 space around, make 2 double crochet, at the end of the row, slip stitch to join.

3.  *Chain 2, double crochet in each stitch around, slip stitch to join.
     Repeat from * for: 4 more rows

Lacy Edge: Chain 2, double crochet in the next stitch, *chain 3, double crochet in the next 2 stitches, repeat from * around, slip stitch to join and fasten off.  Weave all yarn ends into the finished work.
Add a bow if desired.