Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Yarn Tote - aka Birthdays Are Great!

Well it was Lisa's birthday recently, and what better gift for a crochetter than a yarn and project tote?   This tote is everything you want and no bulk!

It's great for storing, organizing, and carrying along your UFOs (unfinished objects)  Great, too, for working multi-colored patterns, as it has multiple yarn holes.  There are zippered compartments on the back and sized and room to tuck a printed pattern.  You can carry your yarn needle, scissors, and any other small notions you'll be needing in these convenient and see through compartments.  The inside is one large compartment, which is super, since it doesn't limit what the sizes of the contents are.... It is super sturdy and has a shoulder strap.
tote crochet perfect knitting yarn