Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Crochet a Hobo Bag - Free Crochet Pattern tutorials

Materials:  9mm crochet hook and 2 strands of worsted weight yarn, This bag uses 2 colors light and dark of the same color..

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Crochet a Loopy Flower

Materials: 9mm crochet hook and Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn or (2 strands of worsted weight)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Crochet a Cloche Hat

Watch this video tutorial and make your own cloche hat.  Using a  9mm crochet hook and wool ease thick and quick by Lion Brand yarn.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Videos

There's always something new at Hectanooga's YouTube Channel!
Click here and choose some of your favorites to inspire you for your holiday crochet projects!  Get started Right NOW!

Hectanooga Patterns Free Crochet YouTube Tutorials

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Win a free pattern!

Want to win a free pattern?

Then like and comment on it on youtube.

Then visit our Facebook page and comment that you've done it!

A winner will be drawn later today!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

VIP Special Offer

Ashton is getting ready to send out a special offer to all VIP members.
It's free to join, just enter your email in the box on the right sidebar where it says:  Subscribe to our mailing list---------------------------------------------->
You'll save on Crochet and Knitting Patterns with over 300 patterns to choose from!  Sign up Now!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Free Crochet Pattern!

Super-easy crochet pattern: Chunky Cowl!

Find the Printed Pattern here

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Free Crochet Ebook featuring Emi!

I just wanted to point you to a post on Hectanooga Patterns Blog. Emi has a link there for a free crochet stitch ebook published by All-Free Crochet. They commissioned Emi to write the stitches teaching portion of the book, and of course it's fabulous! Check it out: HectanoogaPatterns Blog

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Have you seen our new top tab? We've got Freebies!  

Free crochet patterns for instant download and free video tutorials!

There are also links to related patterns and the supplies you need to complete the projects!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday's Winner and our Grand Prize Winner

Ta-    da-da-daaaaaaa!

Today marks the last day of our Pinning and Winning contest.
We had so much fun looking at all your boards and making people happy by giving them free patterns!

Our Sunday daily winner is:

And our Grand Prize Winner is:

Winners will be notified by email.

We're scheming already to think of our next contest giveaway.  If you have any ideas, send them our way!

Lisa, Ashton and Emi! can watch a free video tutorial on how to make this wallet on Emi's YouTube Channel.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pinning and Winning: Saturday's Winner

So far we've given away 6 crochet patterns to our daily winners.  And tomorrow we're giving away 6 more, so be sure to get your entry in!  We'll have a daily winner for Sunday of a single pattern  AND a Grand Prize Winner who will win 5 patterns!!

This is Saturday's Winning Board:
Click HERE!
The winner has been notified by email.

I wonder what she'll choose?  Those are some pretty awesome pins!
For contest details and to put in an entry, check out the original post Pinning and Winning!

Specials from Ashton11: Click here for details.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Crochet Pattern Winner is....

This is Friday's Winning Board:
Click HERE!
The winner has been notified by email.
The contest is on until Sunday, and there's a winner everyday! There's still time to get entry in. We'll be drawing one winner each day, with a Grand Prize Winner being chosen on Sunday. Daily winners will be put back in the draw for the Grand Prize, too!   For contest details and to put in an entry, check out the original post Pinning and Winning!

Lisa's added some new patterns to her SweetPotatoPatterns shop: Check it out!

Something Glitched and we lost yesterday's post, but
just to remind you
Thursdays Winner was:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wendesday's Pinning and Winning Contest Winner

Say that 10 times fast~!

We're having lots of fun looking at all the great boards you've been creating.  Super choices of patterns are showing up on your boards.

Today's winner has been notified by Email and is:
Showiz! Congratulations!
Have a look at her pinboard here

The contest is on until Sunday, and there's a winner everyday! There's still time to get entry in. We'll be drawing one winner each day, with a Grand Prize Winner being chosen on Sunday. Daily winners will be put back in the draw for the Grand Prize, too!   For contest details and to put in an entry, check out the original post Pinning and Winning!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Free Crochet Pattern Winner

It's day 2 of our Pinning and Winning contest.  The contest is on until Sunday, and there's a winner everyday! There's still time to get entry in. We'll be drawing one winner each day, with a Grand Prize Winner being chosen on Sunday. Daily winners will be put back in the draw for the Grand Prize, too!

Today's winner is:
Virginia Corso! Congratulations!
Have a look at her pinboard here
For contest details and to put in an entry, check out the original post Pinning and Winning!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Winner

Our Pinning and Winning contest is underway!
Lots of entries are rolling in for the contest, and there's still time to get yours in.  We'll be drawing one winner each day, with a Grand Prize Winner being chosen on Sunday.  Daily winners will be put back in the draw for the Grand Prize, too!

The first daily winner is:
Jaki N Jon Lepore!!  Congratulations!
Have a look at their pinboard here

For contest details and to put in an entry, check out the original post Pinning and Winning!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pinning and Winning!

Do you love to crochet? Do you follow the 3CrochetChicks blog, facebook, youtube or shops? Have you heard of Pinterest?   And, are you interested in...

...winning free crochet patterns? 

Then you’ll want to keep reading!

We’re pleased to announce our Pinning and Winning Contest, which will be held on Pinterest! If you’ve never used Pinterest before, no worries!  You can sign up easily and even watch a video about how to use Pinterest.

Here’s How it Works:

  • To enter the contest, create a board on Pinterest and title it “3CrochetChicks” Then choose at least 10 of your favorite projects from our crochet shops to pin to your new board. Here are the links you can use:   Ashton11, SweetPotatoPatterns, Hectanooga
  • Each pin must have the hashtag #3CC  somewhere in the description in order to count toward your 10 minimum pins - don't worry, you can pin more than 10!
  • After you’ve created your board and pinned at least 10 things from our designs send us a link to your Pinterest board at  
  • The contest closes August 25,  2012 at 11:59 PM EST, so only boards emailed to us within that time frame count as an entry.
  • Beginning on Monday, August 20th a winner will be chosen each day and announced right here on the ThreeCrochetChicks blog. On Sunday, August 26th, 2012, we will announce a Grand Prize Winner!  
  • Daily winners will receive one pattern of their choice from those pinned on their 3CrochetChicks board.  The Grand Prize winner will receive 5 free patterns of their choice! 
  • Limit one board per person please.
Related links:

Beanie Visor Pattern

This pattern is wildly popular.  And it's no wonder since the pattern comes with so many variations!

You can make it for a child or an adult.  In any color.  With flower embelishments (included in the pattern) or plain.

With the Visor or just as a Beanie.  It's practically the only hat pattern you'll ever need!

You can watch a video demonstration of the pattern here:
And the pattern is available for instant download here.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Don't miss out on Free Crochet Patterns on Facebook, make sure you're getting our Facebook Status Updates!

Thanks to our Facebook Fan  Nicole Ferrara for input on how to keep favorite fan pages like 3CrochetChicks, appearing on your Facebook stories homepage.

Emi's assistant Lisa, from SweetPotatoPatterns has made a video to help our Facebook Fans keep us on their homepage.  Facebook isn't always easy to navigate!

  • Instructions:like the page 0:14
  • hover over the Liked button 0:19
  • from the Liked button you can 

  1. select to receive their status updates 0:39 (see photo below) 
  2. add them to a list (or create a new list) 0:58

  • once you create a List, you will find it in the left column under the interests tab. 2:00

Crochet Patterns for Baby from Ashton11 Crochet

Here is an Index of the Crochet Patterns  for Baby
found in Ashton11's Crochet Shop at Etsy.
In no particular order.  Collect them All!?!

All of the Baby Items in Ashton11
Pink Polka Dot Hat 
Beautiful Ballerina Booties
Front Strap Booties
Crocs Made Simple
Cross Strap Booties
Ruffled Sunhat
Pleated Top Booties
Crazy Owl Hat
Pink Cotton Candy Cloche
Little Chocolate Beanie
Tie On Bunny Ears
T-Strap Mary Janes
Chunky Style Hat and Diaper Cover
Grecian Cross Strap Booties
Koala Bear Pom Pom Hat
Frilly Edge Manhattan Hat
Little Munchkin Hat
Little Beaded Booties
Pink Posh Booties
Baby Pod With Hood
Snow Babe Pom Pom Hat
Easy Tassel Hat
Baby Panda Hat
Owl Hat and Diaper Cover
Chocolate Dipped Booties
Moccain Booties
Baby's First Shoes
Newsboy Beanie
Rose Edge Hat
Pink Popcorn Newsboy
Newborn Pixie Hat
Little Boy Blue Fireworks
Garden Party Sunhat
Mythical Flower Fairy Sparkler Hat
Little Granny Squares Hat
Creamy rose and Green Vines Hat
Little Aviator
Beginner Hat and Diaper Cover
Pom Pom Flower Earflap Hat
Classic European Newsboy
Purple Dazzle Tassel Hat
Little Pink Newsgirl
Sweet Organic Rolled Brim Hat
Shell Stitch Tassel Top Hat
Cocoon Pod
Santa Baby Pixie Hat
Watermelon Hat
Fuzzy Blue Baby Pixie Hat

Girly Chunky Style Pom Pom Hat
Pink Princess Cloche
Frilly Edge Earflap Hat
Ruched Hat
Two-Tone Booties
Baby Hammock Photo Prop
Little Lion Hat
Jester Hat
Twisty Top Elf Hat
Little Bear Hat
Pink Fluff Photo Prop Hat
Stork Pouch
Little Pumpkin Hat
French Vanilla Mary Jane Booties
Little Lamb Hat
Christmas Pixie Hat and Pod Set

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Patterns 50% off today and for details!

Patterns for $2.25:  today and tomorrow only!  See below for instructions. Crochet Pattern Shop

Hey Everyone! It's Ashton.  I could use your help. 

I've been working hard on my Instant Download pattern shop and could use some buyers to test out my shopping links. 

Right now I've got the hats, scarves, slippers and booties sections set up in BETA mode.  (But only those 4 are ready for now.) If anyone would like to be a guinea pig, you'll get 50% off your purchase. Make sure you use the coupon code BETA* before hitting "Checkout Now."  see the pictures below:

*This coupon code is only good today(Wed) and tomorrow (Thurs) until midnight, when it turns into a pumpkin! (Note: This is NOT an Etsy special, it's only valid on the shop site.)

That's it!
Thanks Guys,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Soft and Beautiful Baby Blanket

SweetPotatoPatterns has added a beautiful new crochet pattern to the catalog.  This beautiful, soft baby blanket makes a lovely gift for that special baby.

The Ripple Stitch adds charm and classic style to this crochet baby blanket.  The stitch is clearly described, diagrammed and photographed in the pattern for clear instruction.

The pattern is available for purchase today for only $2.99!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Free Crochet Patterns!

Did you know that there are free crochet patterns  at
Emi has many full patterns written out on her site and she's always adding more.  
Check it out today!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Crochet Patterns By Ashton11

Today we're very excited for the sneak peek, pre-launch of Ashton's crochet patterns website.
She's been learning web design on her own for the past few months and has put together the beginnings of a website.  She's got big ideas, and would love your feedback, so hop on over and check it out!
click here:

Crochet Patterns by Ashton11

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ruffled Top Sandal Booties

Easy booties to make for baby, sweet and adorable!  Watch this free video to learn to make them.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hectanooga1's 5 most popular YouTube Videos

It's been a short 6 months since Emi started her YouTube channel.  If anyone can teach you about the power of believing in yourself, it's Emi.  Once she sets her sites on a goal, she embarks upon a successful method of exceeding her goals.

Right now Emi is on her journey to make 500 youtube videos.  That's her goal, I'm sure you'll see her exceed it!  Right now, she's got 336 videos.  wow!

But the thing that has helped her along her journey is the success of the videos that she has already uploaded.  Visitors like you have kept her going.    As I write this, her silky flower tutorial has had 387,220 views!!

These are the top 5 videos on Emi's Hectanooga Channel:
1.  How to Make a Beautiful Silky Flower - 387,220 views
2. How to Crochet a 15 minute Chunky Style Baby Hat (also for adult sizes!) 297,397 views
3. How to Make Rolled Ribbon Roses -  254,999 views
4. Little Blue Baby Booties  - 161,210 views
5. How to Crochet the Crocodile Stitch 116,202 views

That's over 1.2 million video views in her 5 most popular videos!
All of Emi's videos are easy to follow and fun to watch.  I admit to watching some of them just for entertainment.  I might make those crafts in the future, but even if I don't it was fun to watch her make them, and to see how easily she does it!

To see her most recent video check here: Hectanooga1

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Crochet Tutorials

Have you visited Emi's YouTube channel lately?

She's been busy, busy, busy creating tutorials for all your crafting desires.
Currently, she has over 150 crochet items to choose from and many, many more crafting items you can make from easy to find items in your home.

Check it out, and check back often as she is producing about a project a day!!

Find the change purse tutorial here.

Find the YouTube channel here:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Crochet-along with Emi - Sandals

Make these Crochet Sandals by following along with Emi in this video.
Everything you need to make these sandals is shown in this free video.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Silky Flower Craft

Make these beautiful embellishments for any item you like.
So easy and fun to make.
Watch this video to learn how.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Specialty Booties

If you're looking for some variety in baby footwear check out these 6 stylish and fun patterns.
The Caramel:

Lovely  Side button closure on a cute designer look, crocheted booties. Make them in these caramel colors, or in any colors, such as the traditional pink or blue, or in stylish sage green, ivory, or camel!

You can use them in their basic form, or embellish with with a back tab and contrasting trim around the sole! 

This pattern is available from Hectanooga Patterns it's Number 37 Caramel Booties.

Create a fashion statement with these turquoise Mary Jane's,  Simple strap and button closure make these simple to put on, and stay on!   Pattern available here.

Darling, simple and fun to make.  These will keep your little one's tooties warm.  Pattern available from Ashton11.

Another quick and easy pattern brought to you by It uses two strands of knitting worsted yarn, so it goes very quickly. 

These work up into a cute depiction of sneaker boots, but with as few stitches as possible! 
Instructions to make sizes from newborn up to age 6!  Find the pattern here.

Simply adorable!  Make these in traditional colors.  Pattern available here.

Cute little peek-a-boo motif in the toe.  Strap and button closure.  Easy to make and fun to wear.  Pattern available here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 5: Baby Booties Patterns

Baby booties are always in demand. People just seem to keep having babies, and who looks cuter in a bootie than a baby?   Customers are very satisfied with the results they get from our patterns and often comment on how quick and easily our booties work up. Here are the top 5 booties patterns:

#5:  Cross Strapped Shoes
These booties use worsted weight yarn of your choice and either a 5mm or 6mm hook.  If you can chain, single and double crochet, you can make these adorable booties.  Once you've made the first pair, you can make a pair in about 20 minutes!
addictive....  The pattern is available here.   and here
Use the pattern to make sizes newborn to 6 months.

#4 Babies First Shoes

These classic single strap shoes are good for boys or girls.  The pattern  comes with instructions for sizes newborn, 3 months and 6 months.  It works with worsted weight yarn in your choice of colors.

Customers always comment on how the lovely photographs in the pattern help keep them on track as they learn this simple pattern.

As always, our patterns are written in full english without abbreviations  Get this pattern here.

#3 Sweet Caroline
Emi designed these booties with beginners in mind.

Her patterns are designed to be as simple as possible, and this one is no exception!

These little booties have no complicated decreases, or increases in stitching. The two rows of increase at the toe end of the bootie, are so simple to do! After that, it just plain single crochet!!

The pattern is available at Hectanooga Patterns.

 Summer is around the corner!  These cute crocs are great for stylish little ones.   

This pattern takes the mystery out of making crocs!  If you have gotten frazzled over croc patterns before, (and I am sure some of you have), then this is the answer for you. Straight forward pattern and works up fast.
Make a pair in about 1/2 hour! Lots of photos.

These are stay on crocs, the straps are not able to be flipped to the front. But they are oh so cute!!!

To make these crocs you will need knitting worsted yarn, and different size crochet hook for the 3 sizes:
4.5mm (US 7) for newborn,
5mm (USH8) for 3 month size, and
5.5mm (US I-9) for 6 months size.  Get your pattern at Ashton11's pattern shop.

The title of these booties says it all!

Cute little open toe sandals for the hot summer months. 
These are just too darling, and very easy to make, with step by step photos of the process!!

These should be easy enough for beginners, as there is a detailed explanation along with the photo illustrations.

There are even more bootie patterns available in our shops.

Which is your favorite?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Learn to Crochet

Have you visited Emi's youtube channel?  She's been very busy posting new projects and how to videos in all areas of crafting.  What a creative woman!!  Stop by and learn how to make beautiful hand crafted items out of materials that you can easily find around your house.  Flowers, hats, jewelry, papercraft, and of course you can learn how to crochet beginning with the basic stitches.
Link to her channel here:  Hectanooga1

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sweet Owl for Spring

Crochet Owl

One of our fans stitched up our sweet owl pattern and sent along a photo.  Isn't he just adorable?
Make your own owl by following this super easy pattern, available at

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Paper Ball Ornament

paper snow flake
We had great fun making this paper ornament.  I saw a photo of it on the internet and really wanted to make my own. It was fun to make and turned out great.  
Since I'm a visual learner I decided to make a video of the process of making these.  For me, it's much easier to follow a video than it is to follow a description.  So, if you're interested in seeing how these are made, take a look at the video I've posted on YouTube.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ashton Neckwarmer

This is like a piece of art worn around your neck!  And it will keep you warm and cosy too!  It works up with variegated yarn in no time and is easier than it looks.  I love it in the rose tones, but it looks great in many colors.  The pattern includes instructions for making the flowers too.  The pattern is written out in full English wording without abbreviations and is available for instant download here.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sewing with Kids

Have you seen this cute little blog called DIY Pocketpals.  It's a blog about adventures sewing cute little pals out of polar fleece.  It's written by their designer who also makes and markets patterns for recreating these adorable little critters  And the designer is...wait for it....a young boy!  His patterns are available for instant download here.
Aren't they adorable?

Read his blog here:

4 in 1 Neckwarmer

This is such a versatile neckwarmer pattern.  If you go to market, this is just about the only pattern you'll need!  You can crochet it in many colors.  And with 4 variations provided in the pattern -- you'll fill your stand in no time!  And did I mention how quickly it works up?  You can purchase this pattern as an instant download here.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter Projects

Winter is the perfect time to kick back and work on cosy crochet projects.  I always enjoy the return of television programs that took a break during December and want to have something to do while I watch.  I like feeling productive and can't help but multi-task!

Slippers and scarves always come to mind this time of year.
Here's a great selection of booties and slipper patterns from Ashton11.